09 Mar 2015

Virgin Media

A question about : Virgin Media

My daughter and son in law are in the process of moving house but the new house does not support Virgin. They asked to cancel their account but Virgin are asking for Ј240 for the remainder of their account. Is this right? Surely it is not the householder at fault but the company as the area does not support cable TV only satellite or freeview, otherwise they would stay with Virgin. Any advice welcome.

09 Mar 2015

Cancel Sky early?

A question about : Cancel Sky early?

I've tried to cancel my sky package a month early and they are insisting that you cannot cancel early under no circumstances.

Is this the usual stance Sky takes and is it the correct one?

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09 Mar 2015

Leave Sky and go to Freesat

A question about : Leave Sky and go to Freesat

As the title suggests I am considering leaving Sky and moving over to Freesat, I would appreicate any advice on whether Freesat is any good.

My situation is, I currently have the following with Sky;

Sky Entertainment Extra
HD Subscription - currently on a 12 month 1/2 price deal until May 2013
Sky Talk Anytime calls
Sky Line Rental
Sky Broadband unlimited

Total cost = Ј67 a month

09 Mar 2015

Getting Sky set up for the first time??

A question about : Getting Sky set up for the first time??

Just wondering what's involved in getting Sky installed for the first time?

I know i know - a guy comes out & before you know it you now have Sky. But i want to know what they'll be doing exactly. Fixing what where, drilling what where etc.

The house does have a Sky dish with i think 4 ports.