09 Mar 2015

Now TV Customer retention, paying you not to go!

A question about : Now TV Customer retention, paying you not to go!

Hi, I bought my Now TV box for 9.99 about a year ago, if you don't know about Now TV it is a nice little box which gives you all the catch-up channels with no subscription. You can subscribe to several Sky services on a monthly basis with no commitment or contract. I subscribed to their Movie channel last year for 8.99/ month, it then went up to 9.99/ month.If you go online to stop your monthly payment, they first try to keep you on board by showing you the latest films available.

09 Mar 2015

Can MSE discount Sky codes be trusted?

A question about : Can MSE discount Sky codes be trusted?

The Sky forums have many threads from people stating that the MSE Sky discount codes worked at the checkout stage but after the Sky account was created, the 12 months discount didn't apply or only applied for the 1st month. When they have rang up to complain they get told a 50% discount isn't available on the Sky billing systems. The Sky reps on their help forums say they need to contact MSE.

What is the process for raising a complaint when the 50% discount is not applied after the order has completed?

09 Mar 2015

Sky Live Chat

A question about : Sky Live Chat


Has anyone been able to start a Live Chat session on the sky.com web site?

I've been trying to confirm some details regarding the MSE offer that expires on Friday but it has been permanently busy for the last week.


09 Mar 2015

Wi-Fi and SKY

A question about : Wi-Fi and SKY

I have been with Sky for some time and pay Ј83 pm, but also pay Ј40 to Virgin for broadband and phone line. We have 3 boxes in the house, but could possibly reduce this and save money.