26 Feb 2015

Digital TV switchover problem

A question about : Digital TV switchover problem

I have a very old 14 portable TV with no scart socket, it also cannot be tuned in as the remote control unit failed a few years ago, so I can only receive the basic 4 channels (yes its that old even ch5 isnt tuned in). Once the analogue reception is switched off later this year (Granada region) this TV will be completely useless.

26 Feb 2015

Digital tv's...

A question about : Digital tv's...

Digital TV's...

26 Feb 2015

I have half a minidish..can I resurrect it?

A question about : I have half a minidish..can I resurrect it?

Just the sub-forum I need..title=Smile

We've moved into a flat..it has 2 aerials, and half a minidish. Both Aerials go into downstairs' flat..PITA. WE have what was once possibly a sky minidish..oval, dark grey perforated metal, no markings, coax coming in through the wall.

We have a freeview box and an indoor amp'd aerial..the signal is a joke, the channels recievable doubly so.

26 Feb 2015


A question about : Sky

Hi there, this is my second thread, its an issue which I could do with a little advice. basically to cut a long story short, decided to take out sky plus. Bought the box and installation for the price they were offering and signed papers for a years contract.