26 Feb 2015

Rubbish programmes on many channels: why?

A question about : Rubbish programmes on many channels: why?

It is a long time since I watched TV, but I have good memories of Play for Today and the Dennis Potter dramas, and some great documentaries that really made you think...

Now with this new digital TV, all I can get is the most brain-numbing 'entertainment'. Designed to snuff out any thought processes in the viewer, and deliver us properly sedated to the advertisers.

Is this a problem with the technology? Or maybe it is a way to find the money to pay for the technology?

26 Feb 2015

Sky hd box Ј29

A question about : Sky hd box Ј29


I have a SKY + BOX, in lviing room and a basic package of about Ј18 or Ј19 a monht I think, and a sky box upstairs broadcasting a few channels (freee sat or something I think)

I also had multi room until a month back which wasa about a tenner - I got rid of this as we found it a bit extravegenbt and often same channel on in two rooms!

I have seen an advert in comet / currys saying SKY HD box available for Ј29 for existing customers....

poster wasnt clear

can anyone confirm

26 Feb 2015

Satelite TV no direct debit

A question about : Satelite TV no direct debit

I don't wanna pay by direct debit only wanna pay when i get the invoice which providers can accomodate me?

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26 Feb 2015

Thompson DTI 6300

A question about : Thompson DTI 6300

I bought a Thompson yesterday at a boot sale it all works but it would seem you cant use it as a PVR unless you subscribe to TUTV is this the case? is there a way around the locked box stitch up!

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