26 Feb 2015

can anyone recommend ? ....

A question about : can anyone recommend ? ....

can anyone recommend a DVD recorder with hard drive as i need to replace my old VCR/DVD player ? i would like one fairly easy to set up and use so not necessarily top of the range , have looked in usual comet, currys etc but have'nt found exactly what i need yet
thank you

26 Feb 2015

Problem extending Sky cable

A question about : Problem extending Sky cable

I've rearranged our living room this week, and already have spare cable/connectors. I've connected it all up, and the sky box doesn't receive a satellite signal. I've checked enough of the copper wire is peeking out the middle, and that the connectors are done up tightly, and I've used 2 different cables, but still not working. When the original sky cable goes in the back, it works.

Ideas anyone?:confused:

26 Feb 2015

PVR and Sky

A question about : PVR and Sky


We have a PVR which is gathering dust, as we have Sky+. The reception around here is very poor, so I was wondering whether we could get the PVR conected to sky somehow?

It seems a bit extreme to fork out for an expensive extended aerial for the spare room.

Any thoughts?

26 Feb 2015

TV with built in freeview HD recorder

A question about : TV with built in freeview HD recorder

Do you get any TV's with a freeview HD recorder built in? Seems silly to have a TV with freeview built in and then have to buy a box with freeview just so it will record, but I can't find one!

Alternatively do you get a cinema surround Blue ray player with freeview recorder built in? Can find the player with the freeview built in, but not with the sound.