26 Feb 2015

ISA final matured figure?

A question about : ISA final matured figure?


Back on 2/2/2011 I invested Ј30479.78 in a 4 year fixed ISA with Halifax at 4.25%, obviously it is maturing shortly but could someone tell me what my final figure should be please?

I think it should be Ј36001.12 but the reason I ask is that they incorrectly put me on a 3 year at 3.75% and have since applied a manual credit to try and rectify it but I don't want to be short changed.

Many thanks in advance!

26 Feb 2015

How to pick funds for Junior S&S ISA?

A question about : How to pick funds for Junior S&S ISA?

I have recently opened a Junior S&S ISA with Hargreaves Lansdown for our newborn daughter with a view to investing ~Ј100 per month plus lump sums from relatives for birthdays etc until she is 18.

I'm largely savvy when it comes to cash savings but find myself seriously green when it comes to picking a spread of investments for her ISA.

26 Feb 2015

share isa

A question about : share isa

I have BT shares worth Ј15 and want to get the cash. Please tell me the best way. The shares are with Equiniti.

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