09 Mar 2015

need help car accident

A question about : need help car accident

so last week i had a minor car accident 2 cars reversing in a car park both of us going ay no speed hardly any damage apart from paint work my car more so then his . but today i got a phone call from my insurer saying that the other person in claiming an injury and saying that i fully to blame for the accident. i also have noticed that the other person car has parking sensors should have they warned the other driver of my car before he could hit mine. no i have no idea what to do and i am panicked that this is going to ruin me.

09 Mar 2015

travel disruption advice

A question about : travel disruption advice

Hi, sorry if this has been asked before. I am buying travel insurance for a trip to Majorca with my family. Travel disruption cover can be added at an extra cost. My question is: do I need this cover or IF there was an ash cloud problem or similar would my airline be responsible for getting us accommodation, food, flights home etc? Thanks for any help you can give

09 Mar 2015

Car insurance quote not being honoured.

A question about : Car insurance quote not being honoured.

Hello everyone. I'm new here but wanted to get some advice about whether car insurance has been mis-sold, or whatever the right term is.

After going on a comparison website, my dad decided to go with one of the quotes and had a phone conversation with the insurer. They told him that a claim that was made against his insurance wouldn't affect the amount, so he went ahead and took out the insurance.

09 Mar 2015

Winter sports

A question about : Winter sports

I'm off snowboarding next month and for the first time I am planning to wear a helmet.

I have been trying to check with my insurance provider whether this is a requirement for them but I'm only getting a vague answer.

I'm insured with MSE recommended Holiday Safe but in live chat I'm getting the response you must wear appropriate safety equipment they won't commit to a clear policy on this. (How helpful!) Nowhere in the documentation can I find a clear answer either.