26 Feb 2015

New cars with free insurance

A question about : New cars with free insurance


I have just passed my test and I'm now looking to buy my first car. I have been advised that I should buy an old car as I will probably get a few bumps and dents. However, I am interested by the possibility of buying a new car, something small, that has free insurance for at least a year. I am 26.

Please can anyone advise if they know of any deals that are currently available with free insurance? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


26 Feb 2015

Car Insurance with Conviction....

A question about : Car Insurance with Conviction....

Hi, I'm 21 years old, will be 22 when i renew my insurance. I have had my license for just over 3 years now.

In June i was caught at 76 on the motorway and busted by a cop...bit annoyed that i've been so punished for 6mph but i got an SP50, 3 points and hit for Ј60

Anyway, I would like to know if there are any insurance companys who are good for younger drivers with a speeding conviction ?



26 Feb 2015

Extended Warranties with Cashback

A question about : Extended Warranties with Cashback

Have you ever been tempted to take out an extended warranty on an electronic product and were you offered the inducement of a full premium cashback if you did not require to call upon the warmth of the insurance that surrounded you.

Did you have to return a cashback entitlement certificate to register for that cashback,then beware,are you sure it has been registered with the insurance company?

26 Feb 2015

Car Insurance Tips & Tricks

A question about : Car Insurance Tips & Tricks

My article on Car insurance - on how to cut the cost in four steps includes a list of hints and tips as well as the main system. If you have any additional tips or tricks (legal) for reducing car insurance, please write your information and experiences here, by clicking reply

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