09 Mar 2015

Insurance & Life Assurance: Important Threads

A question about : Insurance & Life Assurance: Important Threads

Hi everyone

We've collated sticky threads from the Insurance board into one so you can see the new questions quicker but still be able to see the important threads.

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26 Feb 2015

Cheap Motor Insurance

A question about : Cheap Motor Insurance

title=SmileBought a car for my 18 year old son last week. I insured it through my current insurer (in my name)just to get it covered but thought I would try confused.com to see if I could get it any less as I had heard so much about it on this site.

Their cheapest quote was Ј1300. Nearly Ј800 more than I'm paying now.

I drive a Corsa and it is insured for any driver (with the owners permission) including under 25s - premium Ј38pm. Can anybody beat that! Pretty good don't you think?

26 Feb 2015

Insurance For UK students studying abroad

A question about : Insurance For UK students studying abroad

I'm going to Germany to study for a year from the end of September 2004 until begining of August 2005 title=Big and i'm looking for insurance, does anyone know of anywhere that offers this type of cover??? I'm looking for possesions insurance not simply travel cover.


26 Feb 2015


A question about : Elephant.co.uk

Having just renewed my car insurance with elephant as they were the cheapest by far, I thought i'd pass on a few tips which reduced my premium considerably.

Tick the box to say you use another car regularly

Even if you're single add a female second driver (friend of mine aged 27 i'm 29, adding her dropped my premium by Ј45!!!!!

Tick the box to say she uses another car regularly

Enter as low an anual milage as possible (without telling porkies)

Protected no claims only cost me an extra Ј4