09 Mar 2015

Car insurance abroad

A question about : Car insurance abroad

We are travelling to France for an extended stay which is over 90 days (~100). Our motor insurance only covers for 90 days out of UK, could I cancel this policy after 30 days abroad and set up a new policy with another company to start while we are away and reset the 90 day period? Any other solutions?

09 Mar 2015

smart phone insurance

A question about : smart phone insurance

just updated to a new samsung note 4 edge, from an old iphone, Im now paranoid about mainly accidental damage, dropping it etc.
Can anyone with experience with insurance recommend a good cheap policy?
I was also thinking about hte Nationwide FlexPlus accound upgrade which has phone insurance but i got my phone in ebay so dont really havea receipt, do you think this is a problem?

thanks in advance

09 Mar 2015

How does Expired MOT affect insurance claim?

A question about : How does Expired MOT affect insurance claim?

Hi, I've searched the threads where this issue has been discussed previously, sorry if I'm repeating but I'm just looking for confirmation on a point raised.

09 Mar 2015

Car Insurance

A question about : Car Insurance


I bought a new car from a dealer. In order to tax the car, the salesman signed me up for a free week driveaway policy, as he would not accept a printed copy of insurance. I had already changed the car details on my own existing policy, so from the date of picking up the new one, my insurance covered my old car until I traded it in, and then it covered me on my new one.