26 Feb 2015

The Great 'Night-shift savings' Hunt

A question about : The Great 'Night-shift savings' Hunt

The Great 'night-shift savings' Hunt

Night-shifters, do you find MoneySaving different to day-time workers? We want to tap your collective knowledge to find out how night owls bag bargains.

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26 Feb 2015

Life Starts Again

A question about : Life Starts Again


After recently going through a major financial disaster and coming out the other side now, myself and OH are looking forward.

We are getting married in may 15 and want to save Ј20k.
We would like to buy a house so want to save the deposit apx Ј20k
And we would like to expand OH business Ј20k apx

26 Feb 2015

Drip feed saving technique

A question about : Drip feed saving technique


I saw on the website a technique to collect more interest from your saving and would like to know if this only work with large or little lump saving. At the moment I am saving for a certain amount, but have as start of Ј2000 and can only pay Ј300pmd. I can only save Ј3.600pr year in my first direct regular saving account of 6%. I am thinking of opening an Isa and 123 Satander account. What would offer me the best return for my savings as all the interests are low?

26 Feb 2015

Those ends must keep meeting

A question about : Those ends must keep meeting

I've been planning to start a spending/savings diary for a while as my ability to earn has been severely curtailed through poor health and I have taken my pension early.

I don't get benefits of any description. I have some money in a savings account and can't think of anything I particularly need to buy.

This hasn't stopped me spending money in the past though.

I hope that recording what I have coming in and what is going out will help.