26 Feb 2015

Horlicks at Tescos

A question about : Horlicks at Tescos

Wife asked me to pick up a Horlicks refill today because it was cheaper than buying the tub. At least that's what she thought. Turned out that if you buy a refill in a bag (400g) it works out at 79.7 per 100g but if you buy the tub (500g) it is roughly 10p cheaper per 100g. Nice one Tesco. Change the weights and charge what you like.title=Mad

Haven't worked out how much I saved by buying the tub but every mickle maks a muckle.

26 Feb 2015

Matt's money saving plan 2013 and beyond

A question about : Matt's money saving plan 2013 and beyond

In a nutshell, despite leaving a lowly paid part time supermarket checkout job for a better paid full time job in April 2012, there was a problem. The supermarket was a short walk away whereas the new workplace was over the other side of the city and I would have to use my car to get to it. The cost of diesel went from around Ј40 a month (if that!) to around Ј100/month. title=Frown Despite the higher salary, it was eating into my savings.

26 Feb 2015

How do you celebrate meeting your saving goals?

A question about : How do you celebrate meeting your saving goals?

Nearing the 40k and wondering how to celebrate come February. So! Do you splash out when you reach a saving goal or do so money saving style?

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26 Feb 2015

Sainsburys new customer vouchers

A question about : Sainsburys new customer vouchers

I followed Martins tips to buy from Sainsburys as a new customer. He advised that new customer vouchers are given and I downloaded one, and that these work on deliveries up to Saturday 2-11-13, but Sainsburys order site closed them as of deliveries Friday 1-11-13.
There is nowhere on Sainsburys site to contact them by e-mail or phone to clarify this (nor on Moneysving Expert Site).
Anyone help?