26 Feb 2015

Seriously, is all this MSE stuff really worth it??

A question about : Seriously, is all this MSE stuff really worth it??

I stumbled across this site on a miserable day (30/05/2004 to be exact).

Well needless to say I spent the whole day looking through this site and the next day I started doing things the "Martin Way".

Now looking back I can say the following has been achieved from MSE:

1. Saving Ј25 a month on the mobile bill.

2. Wife and I both applied for Tesco life insurance and cancelled...recieved 7000 points (Ј60) profit after one off payment.

26 Feb 2015

My Savings Diary

A question about : My Savings Diary

Started this thread to try and motivate me;

Current position

24, Living at home with parents, looking to save towards a house deposit! Hopefully...save 10k by the end of next year!

I have no willpower when it comes to saving, known to randomly spend Ј20+ on my lunch times in Asda on random things...have decided now is the time to try and sort my life out!

Current savings

Ј1450 in a savings account

Ј6600 worth of shares (locked in for 3 years....staff shares!)

Outstanding debts!

Car loan

26 Feb 2015

Frugal Living 2010

A question about : Frugal Living 2010

This thread is for those who've been taking part in the Frugal Living Challenge for 2010

We're having a change of 'host' for 2011 (still to be agreed upon as to who), but so that Frugaldom can utilise her time better with her own priorities I've kicked off this thread for the tail end of 2010 - meaning she doesn't need to feel obliged to bob in and post as often as she can make time to do so

26 Feb 2015

Post of the Month July

A question about : Post of the Month July

Please nominate your most Useful/Helpful Post of the Month Ј50 award by replying to this post (remember you're nominating NOT voting - there's a difference).

Also please do not lobby to win the prize - as Martin says, it's not cricket! title=Smile

Please include: