26 Feb 2015

money saved on insurance

A question about : money saved on insurance

Here we go

I used the links provided in money saving expert.

And here are my savings

Car insurance was Ј269.39 with the AA now its Ј150.23 with the halifax thats Ј119.16 savings over the year. Did all the paper work over the internet very easy.

Accident, sickness & unemployment cover for my mortgage. here too are my savings.

Was covered through my mortgage company who set it up for me, it covered Ј320.00 per month and cost me Ј15.01 per month. My new payments are :-

26 Feb 2015

Top 20 most read posts(23/8/2004)

A question about : Top 20 most read posts(23/8/2004)

This week's list

Previous weeks figures are in brackets.

leather office chair Ј29.99 +free sandwich toaster = 50,524 (50,362) (50,101) (49,949) (49,661) (49,406) (46,865) (45,103) (44,383) (43,548) (42,668) (44,412) (39,251) (35,056) (29,817)... Sorry folks - offer now ended! But see THIS.

GREAT 0% BARCLAYCARD HUNT! = 38,232 (37,916) (37,664) (37,430) (37,149) (36,914)

26 Feb 2015

Thanks Martin potential saving of Ј135

A question about : Thanks Martin potential saving of Ј135

Thanks Martin

We had car ins through bell direct who 'were' the cheapest this year they said it would be Ј410 I used your guide and http://www.insuresupermarket.com said esure will do it for Ј275 brill, I added extras eg protected ncd lower excess ect and it is still Ј330, I told bell they said go for it the best they can do it Ј370

You are a star

26 Feb 2015

Memorygirls Make Do and Mend for 2008 Thread

A question about : Memorygirls Make Do and Mend for 2008 Thread

Inserted Intro From Martin....

This is MemoryGirls 'make do and mend' diary. You'll see the first post immediately below, then can scroll down for updates (with others comments in between).

It's a fascinating, fun and inspiring insight into how to go thrifty and Old Style and well worth a read through... thanks for posting it Memory Girl...

PS for people new to forums, a quick abbreviation glossary.