09 Mar 2015

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A question about : 'Flood & Storms Help & Information' board sticky/pinned threads

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26 Feb 2015

Measuring Gravesend Flood Risk for insurance

A question about : Measuring Gravesend Flood Risk for insurance

i live in Gravesend near by Thames River. Cause of the floods in wales, worcester etc i was bit worried and wanted to know what are the risks and hazzards where i live and how far is thames river distance from my house. is there any way that i can measure the distance between my house and thames river.

When my dad took out insurance he said The Thames was 400 or so meters away. Im worried if this isn't true and we flood then we wont be covered!title=Mad

26 Feb 2015

Flood Risk?

A question about : Flood Risk?

We've been living in our house for over 10 years now, through heavy rainfalls and had no sign of flooding or water even reaching our garden, the nearby brook has not even reached the top of it's culverted banks. Conversely half a mile down the road is a business park which has seen flooding in this time from the same brook.
When we purchased our home we checked with the environment agency for risk of flooding and none was shown in the vicinity of our house.

26 Feb 2015

No water /loo

A question about : No water /loo

what are the regulations in respect of workplaces, my sister has been told to go to work today, her workplace has no running water due to floods hence no water for the loos and the electric has been on and off all day so phones have been down.