26 Feb 2015

To claim or not to claim

A question about : To claim or not to claim

I am looking for some advice please, especially if you work for an insurance company.

We got hit yesterday by the heavy rain and our utility attached to the side of the house was flooded. The room is approx 4 metres by 7 metres and a triangle shape.

It had a good couple of inches in there and I appreciate it could have been worse. However the lino is no good, furniture is knackered and potentially the washing machine and freezer might be no good either as they smell of water and cat pee.

26 Feb 2015

Together we can get through it !

A question about : Together we can get through it !

I live in Gloucester and my family and i were flooded out on friday night after being in our home for just three weeks.
It's taken us 48 hours to get back online and it's going to take another 24 hours before things are clear of mud and smell.
We are about to run out of water and the emergency services are fighting hard to keep electricity going.
From all this disaster we have spent more time with our neighbours over the last three days than in the last three weeks.

26 Feb 2015

Damn floods

A question about : Damn floods

My flat was flooded out on Saturday, we're just up the road from a no longer trickling brook! I own the flat - only moved in 2 months ago. The contents insurance company are trying to deny cover for the wooden flooring that was laid throughout. They're trying to say that it would be covered under the buildings insurance - i find this hard to believe, I assume buildings insurance would be for bricks & mortan - contents should be everything inside including the kitchen and bathroom, both of which will probably need replacing.

26 Feb 2015

car insurance flooded

A question about : car insurance flooded

Do car insurances tend to cover cars if damaged through to driving through flood water. My hubby inadvertantly drove through some flood water which was significantly deeper than he thought. Water came over bonnet and car stalled. Now think it may have to be writt4en off but not sure wheter we can claim on insurance. Trying to find documents but policy will run out in a couple of days so just thought id ask advice. We were fully comp if that makes a difference.