26 Feb 2015

Evacuation Plan

A question about : Evacuation Plan

I'm aware this may be too late for some, but I read the Fly Lady evacuation plan in an email recently and thought it was worth passing on:


26 Feb 2015


A question about : Flooding

I'm really surprised that there haven't been any threads about flooding. A friend of mine in Oxfordshire is currently in a shelter, and seemed to be in shock during our short conversation. I wish I could go to see and / or help, but apart from the logistics of getting there, we might have our own problems soon.

I've also been watching the news, and it's just mind-boggling to think of so many thousands of people living in 'refugee camps', trying to continue a normal life, with kids, jobs, pets etc etc.

26 Feb 2015

House inventory and valuables etc

A question about : House inventory and valuables etc

26 Feb 2015

What To Do If You're Flooded

A question about : What To Do If You're Flooded

Bearing in mind the nationwide issues with flooding, I wondered if anyone out there with experience of coping with this problem might be able to offer those searching for some help in the next few days some words of advice.