09 Mar 2015

Leaking roof

A question about : Leaking roof

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We've have some horrific weather (like many others) and for the 1st time, weve had a leeak.

We saw staining on the ceiling (upstairs landing) - area getting larger

I got into the loft - its very tricky access wise, but there are many damp spots on the loft insulation and along beams etc

09 Mar 2015

Water in air bricks

A question about : Water in air bricks

We had a tremendous storm yesterday and the road drains could not cope with the rainfall. Water rose over the kerb, down our drive and around the house, entering the air bricks. Ten minutes later and the water was gone as the rain eased and the drains around the house did their job. What are the consequences of the rainwater entering the air bricks? All the air bricks are now clear - will that be sufficient for the water to dry out naturally?

09 Mar 2015

Pump found under property

A question about : Pump found under property

We have just had an offer accepted on our first home. The sale of the property recently fell through. I asked the estate agent why and was told that there was a pump found underneath the property when the searches were done to stop it from flooding and the buyer did not want to go ahead.

The property is not in a flood risk area however sits at the end of a close of properties where there is no road access to the other properties.

09 Mar 2015

Whose responsibility is the broken fence?

A question about : Whose responsibility is the broken fence?

Our house and next door share a boundary with a house to the rear of us, the deeds of which show the boundary to be mine and my next door neighbours to maintain. The original fence was concrete posts with wire strung between them however the neighbour to the rear wanted increased privacy so put up a six foot fence the entire length of the border.