09 Mar 2015

How can I find a discontinued ikea item

A question about : How can I find a discontinued ikea item

It's a Billy bookcase shelf. 60cm in birch.
Would really love an extra shelf for my bookcase xxx

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09 Mar 2015

Fences and storm

A question about : Fences and storm

I have the family home after our divorce, but it is big garden and a lot of fences. I have 5 neighbors regarding fences, plus a lot of my own. There is a particular fence down the side of my house, which I never see unless I have cause to go down there.

This fence was erected when the houses were built 30years ago. Half of 2 neighbours fences blew down in the wind. These neighbours came together last week to discuss a plan to get them fixed.

09 Mar 2015

Roof Damage

A question about : Roof Damage


I have just came back from visiting my elderly mother, and took the opportunity to go into the loft to dig out some of my old stuff.

Upon gaining access to the loft, it was instantly clear that the roof was not wind proof as there was a rather big gust of wind going all the way through the loft space. I also noticed a few bits of daylight coming through the roof.

Quite clearly she needs work done on the roof to remedy this, but there's no way she could afford to get the work done.

09 Mar 2015

Found water under the house, only got the house keys less than a week ago.

A question about : Found water under the house, only got the house keys less than a week ago.

I'm new to the website so if I have posted this in the wrong section or someone has posted something similar I apologise in advance.

Just recently purchase a house got the keys on the 8th January, I was speaking to the next door neighbour who warned me there was water under the house as he has found the same problem in his home, he mentioned he notified the previous home owner but he did not do anything about it, so I was curious to find out if this was true.