09 Mar 2015

Compensation from water company for flood damage?

A question about : Compensation from water company for flood damage?

My ground floor flat is rented to tenants. There is a drain outside which overflows every time there are heavy rains - this has persisted for more than ten years. In January (not because of the nationwide floods in February), the drain overflowed again, causing sewage water to enter the flat. Due to the unpleasantness and health risks, the tenants decided to move out.

09 Mar 2015

Empty house next door

A question about : Empty house next door

I live in a semi detached property, the house joined onto ours is emprty (the old woman died and lawyer is currently trying to find a next of kin i believe). Both properties are privately owned, I own mine and she owned hers.

It has been empty for a number of months now and since we are heading into winter i am getting a bit concerned regarding this.

I have home buliding and contents insurance,but i doubt very much next door is insured.

09 Mar 2015

Insurance claw-back?

A question about : Insurance claw-back?

Our street was under two feet of water back in February so we claimed off our insurance and they [eventually!] paid.
I believe there was some 'guidance' issued at the time that insurers were not to raise premiums for flood affected properties as a means of recovering their losses.
Well they're getting round it!
Whilst they are not suggesting (yet) a premium increase, what they are doing is putting additional onerous clauses on us related to theft and burglary risk.

09 Mar 2015

Fallen tree clear up liability Council

A question about : Fallen tree clear up liability Council