09 Mar 2015

Mortgage ppi

A question about : Mortgage ppi

Hi, I took out a mortgage in 2000 with the Woolwich, and it was all sorted out mortgage adviser at the estate agents. I also was advised to take out a payment protection plan for Ј40.64 a month with legal & general. I have never seen any separate payment for this on a statement, is it possible that the payment is within the mortgage payment. And if so is it possible that I have a claim for ppi or not, thanks ,,Paul.

09 Mar 2015

cattles plc/citifinancial europe

A question about : cattles plc/citifinancial europe

Not sure if anybody has any advice. I had a HP with Citi who were Associates Capital corporation in June 2001. This was then bought by Cattles in September 2002. Citi keep insisting that when Cattles bought my HP they are liable for the PPI.

09 Mar 2015

Help with a PPI claim

A question about : Help with a PPI claim

Hi All, any help would be very welcome
We recently noticed that we had unknowingly taken out a protector with an old mortgage with Natwest Bank, we are looking to make a PPI claim but wanted to check some details first.
We noticed a protector on a statement running from c09/2001 to c01/2007 (not sure of exact date)
From cSept 2001 we paid an amount of Ј17.92 and then it increased to Ј23.04 cNov 2005 until c 2007.
We have the mortgage number.

09 Mar 2015

ppi fees

A question about : ppi fees