26 Feb 2015

RBS Overdraft Loanguard

A question about : RBS Overdraft Loanguard

Hi everyone,

I have an old overdraft with RBS that I pay a little off each month, but I have just realised that Ј9 a month is added to my account for loan guard cover...I never even realised. This has been happening each month for at least 8 years.

I have requested this be removed by sending a letter to my bank (locl branch) but the payments still occured.

Can I laim this back as missold PPI?? or does loan guard cover not class as PPI?

26 Feb 2015

PPI reclaiming on a closed credit card

A question about : PPI reclaiming on a closed credit card

Hi folks.

Am reclaiming my credit card charges on some old cards I have paid off in full.

I have discovered that 5 years ago I was paying a lot of PPI on one card - Ј40 a month for nearly a year.

any advice? Obviously would pay a significant chunk from my debts which I am working hard to pay back.

26 Feb 2015

loancheck/solicitors claiming ppi

A question about : loancheck/solicitors claiming ppi


26 Feb 2015

PPI and credit card charges…HELP!

A question about : PPI and credit card charges…HELP!

Hi there