09 Mar 2015

PPI "Offers"

A question about : PPI "Offers"

Apols if this has been covered before. I couldn't find it.

I put a claim in in 2012 for mis-selling PPI on an HBOS mortgage. That claim amounted to some Ј7.5K plus interest - circa Ј12K total inc interest calculated up to now.

It was rejected at the time.

Due to some negatively life impacting personal events contacting the ombudsman to appeal was not top of my list.

09 Mar 2015

Bank Review of PPI claim

A question about : Bank Review of PPI claim

I made some enquiries a couple of years ago trying to find out the details of a loan I had taken out with Barclays on which I'd paid PPI as I'd lost all of the paperwork.

Because I'd mentioned PPI in my enquiry, they assumed that it was a PPI claim and write back saying they had considered the claim and didn't feel it had been mis-sold etc etc.

09 Mar 2015

Claiming PPI

A question about : Claiming PPI

Good morning all,

I would really appreciate your help.

I would like to reclaim my PPI but have been told that as it is at least 15 years since I had the loans, the chances of claiming are drastically reduced.

Can anyone please advise me? I would be very grateful.

Thanks, Julie. x

09 Mar 2015


A question about : CAH

Is anyone else experiencing harassment from the so called Claims Advice Helpline; who commonly answer the phone after a blip on the line using the terms your through to so and so at CAH how can I help you.

Over the past week I have had no less than 15 unwanted calls to my mobile ALL pertaining to CAH.

I have told them to remove my info but no ; they refuse ; also they refuse to give any information of where they are or pass my call onto their superiors.

Its about time this SCAMMING so called company were put on hold FOR GOOD.......