09 Mar 2015

Sky Tv....PPI?

A question about : Sky Tv....PPI?

Hello there!

For many many years, I was a sky TV customer. I seem to recall that, on each of my monthly bills, there was a small 'insurance' element to it. Nothing much 1 or 2 quid a month if I recall.

Unfortuately, I dont remember whether this was some kind of 'equipment' insurance, or some kind of payment protection insurance (ie. making sure I could still whatch the footy even if my house was reposessed etc).

09 Mar 2015


A question about : Hsbc

Hi there

I have a DMP arranged in 2009 with Stepchange.
The only creditor that refused to accept my repayment offers were HSBC. I had an Overdraft, loan and credit card. They hounded me until I gave in to them, consolidating the balances into a managed loan. I have been unable to pay the whole repayment amount of 235.00, and was paying them 216.00 per month. I now have these arrears to pay off.

09 Mar 2015

PPI Reclaiming successes and failures

A question about : PPI Reclaiming successes and failures

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09 Mar 2015

PPI FAQs discussion thread

A question about : PPI FAQs discussion thread


Hi all,

This thread is only for suggesting FAQS - for general discussion, please post in the main PPI Reclaiming discussion.

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