26 Feb 2015

Credit Card PPI

A question about : Credit Card PPI

Hi there;
I have been getting charged around Ј30 a month in PPI charges on top of interest of like Ј30!!!
I am self employed and so am pretty sure the PPI was mis-sold to me and isnt even valid anyway!

Does the same apply as claiming back the Loan PPI's?


26 Feb 2015

PPI claiming

A question about : PPI claiming

Hi everyone, I’m preparing to write to HSBC to claim mis-sold PPI. Just a few questions I want to know before I sent off the letter.

26 Feb 2015

ppi claim

A question about : ppi claim

26 Feb 2015

re-claiming PPI on a credit card

A question about : re-claiming PPI on a credit card

i am in the process of claiming back PPI on a barclaycard i have.
i have got the original application form when i applied to have the card and on it it clearly states that i did NOT want payment protection.
now that i know i can claim all my premiums back i am in the process of doing this via the small claims court.