26 Feb 2015

Credit Card PPI help please!!

A question about : Credit Card PPI help please!!

I posted this on some other post and realized it may not get much responce. So thought I start my own thread on this to see if anyone can help me.

I know I'm such a dumb a##!!!title=Embarrassment , when it comes to these things, so just wanted to make sure I'm doing it correctly. So a few questions below.................... if anyone can answer them, much appreciated.

26 Feb 2015

Is this right?

A question about : Is this right?

Hi guys!

26 Feb 2015

Successful PPI Claim

A question about : Successful PPI Claim

I dont know if i have put this in the correct place as i am new to posting but here is my question?

My partner and i used templates on this site to claim back PPI from the Halifax. The claim was successful (thanks MSE) and we received a letter stating that the money would be paid into the account within 4-5 weeks.

When we checked the account a couple of days later we realised the money had been there for a week, withdrew it and put it with another bank (no problem so far).

26 Feb 2015

london scottish

A question about : london scottish

for the last 6mths or so the FOS have been trying to reclaim ppi for me which was mis-sold. ive just received a letter from them today saying it could take a bit longer as they have gone into administraton. i have a loan out with them & have a year left to pay does this mean i can stop paying my payments if this has happened? can anyone enlighten me on this matter i havent heard anything from them about this & only knew when theFOS wrote & told me.thanks