26 Feb 2015

school holidays in Scotland

A question about : school holidays in Scotland

Not moneysaving but i am a dad and did not know where to post.
I was just wondering if anyone knows if it is school holidays in Scotland?

i just need to find out as i am planning a surprise but it needs to be in term time.


26 Feb 2015

Divorced for being too money saving!

A question about : Divorced for being too money saving!

I'm a gorgeous 42 year old money saving Mum to twins that are just over 2.

My Ex divorced me for being 'too money saving' and put about me bringing home sugar sachets from restaurants in his divorce petition! Well, that made both me and my solicitor laugh!

So to all you Dads out there...is being too money saving a bad thing? I really didn't think it was as it's how I've been brought up with parents that were on rations in the war!

26 Feb 2015

Help with enforcement order

A question about : Help with enforcement order

My ex has ignored a court order that allowed me access to our son. I have spent all my savings on legal fees and cannot afford the solicitors fees for an enforcement order.
I can pay the court fees for the enforcement, I was wondering are there are any templates that I could use for wording the order to proceed by myself.
Has anyone been through this, will I see my son, or can his mother keep ignoring the court, she is fully aware that the penality to ignore the court may be community service.

26 Feb 2015

Owning house with ex

A question about : Owning house with ex

Hi sorry if this is the wrong section was not sure where to post.