09 Mar 2015

Double paternity leave under a Labour government

A question about : Double paternity leave under a Labour government

Today Labour have said that if they win the next election, their government would double paternity leave from two weeks to four. They also said they'd increase paternity pay to Ј260 a week.

What do you think of this move from Labour? Do you think it is well overdue for dads? Or are you happy to let your partner take the time off instead?

Let us know!

26 Feb 2015

Dads Guide to Crafts

A question about : Dads Guide to Crafts

I know they maybe loads of things somewhere on the site but.....
I'm a member of a Dad and toddler group and to keep our funding we have had to come up with a worthwhile project to do, so were doing a dads guide to crafts, which has step by step photos in.

Our first Creation is plaster Hands in a frame......

1st making play dough
2nd making the imprint (pushing hand or foot in)
3rd plaster of pairs into the mold
4th paining it

Any other Dad friendly Idea's out there........

26 Feb 2015

Wife not interested in ЈЈЈ

A question about : Wife not interested in ЈЈЈ

Bit of advice please.

My wife shows absolutely no interest in financial matters. She works full time and doesn't like to spend money as a rule. She is 100% into our kids, her job and has other interests - but money is not one of them.

So I basically run our household finances - pay all bills, make all decisions. I used to make comments from time to time along the lines of do you think we should save X/ take insurance against Y? but she always glazed over really quickly, so now I just do it.

26 Feb 2015

Baby seat with ISOFIX

A question about : Baby seat with ISOFIX

Bought a BeSafe car seat. Then found out the base is an extra Ј120.

Trouble is my car has got ISOFIX but wifes hasnt. And I dont think the ISOFIX base will fit in a non-isofix car.

Worse still because my car (galaxy) has got underfloor storage compartment you can't use an isofix base with a support leg.

Anyone know of any decent car seat that comes with a base that will fit both isofix and non-isofix and doesnt need a support leg?

Does such a thing even exist?