26 Feb 2015

Pat Leave / New Job

A question about : Pat Leave / New Job


Our first born is due to arrive 20th December
I changed employer 30th September

After reading all the materials on line, several forums and different government websites I'm a little confused with all the terminology and my entitlements.

26 Feb 2015

Household food budget issues

A question about : Household food budget issues

Hi, we have the some issues trying to keep the food bills down, and argue about the costs daily. but we end up justifying it by the argument that we both have demanding jobs, work hard and therefore we eat well, good quality food etc we look at these forums and my wife says there is no way you can feed a family of 4 adults and a child on Ј100 a week or even Ј125 !!!

26 Feb 2015

Help advice or just shoulder to cry on.

A question about : Help advice or just shoulder to cry on.


Posting under a new name as I give advice on other matters under a different user name.

Sorry going to be a long 1st post, but in need of help, advice or just even a shoulder to cry on!

I've tried to give as much information about the situation as possible without writing 3 thousand words.

I'm a working father of 6.5 year old boy and 2.5 year old girl. Mother has suffered M.E (CFS) for around 15 years and depression.

26 Feb 2015

How to make glasses smaller?

A question about : How to make glasses smaller?

Sorry if this is the wrong place. My daughter as won the game Mask N Ask. She's really keen to play it but the glasses are just to small. Anybody have any suggestions?

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