26 Feb 2015

Adding middle name for son

A question about : Adding middle name for son

My wife and I wish to add a middle name to our sons name.
I was looking at completing a deed poll with the court but it seems quite long winded, having to complete a statutory declaration, complete an affidavit of best interest etc.
I was thinking about using an online service and was wondering if they are any good and fully legal, ie Lawpack, or www.thelegaldeedpollservice.co.uk.

26 Feb 2015

Help! Paternity pay

A question about : Help! Paternity pay


I am in a funny situation, as I am leaving my current job when my wife goes into labour,but I will technically be employed by them for 2 more weeks while I get my statutory paternity leave

I then plan starting my new job a month later.

However statutory paternity pay is shockingly low, and I will then have another 2 weeks without any income, which is not a helpful way to start raising a baby. My wife hasn't worked for a while so she does not get maternity leave either

26 Feb 2015

Maxi-Cosi Foam Wedge

A question about : Maxi-Cosi Foam Wedge

Can anyone help? Friends have kindly lent us a Maxi-cosi cabriofix car seat but the back support foam wedge is missing. Does anyone have any ideas on where to get a replacement? Of, if they have, could they measure it so I could have a piece of foam cut? Tried and failed to buy one on eBay thanks to a dodgy seller. Baby is due on Thursday so any help would be great!

26 Feb 2015

Budgeting Book for teenagers

A question about : Budgeting Book for teenagers

Do any of you lovely people know of a budgeting workbook suitable for a 14 year old boy please? The ones I've found have either been American, out of print or very expensive.


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