09 Mar 2015

Benefit Fraud, Tax Avoidance and CSA

A question about : Benefit Fraud, Tax Avoidance and CSA

Good evening,

wondering if anyone has came across anything like this to put my mind as ease.

my ex partner tried everything to avoid paying csa and about 5 years ago he was given a suspended sentence and ordered to pay Ј10 a week arrears. Just before the court date he became unemployment and has claimed JSA ever since so has only paid the ten pounds arrears payments, no regular maintenance.

09 Mar 2015

Diversion of income??

A question about : Diversion of income??


I'm new to forums so please forgive anything I do wrong, but I really need some advice.

I have 2 year old twins with my ex. Originally he paid maintenance through an arrangement between us, but after all the games and threats, I decided enough was enough and contacted CMS. They gave us the figure he had to pay and said they would do an annual review.

09 Mar 2015

CSA worry

A question about : CSA worry

Hi folks.
I'm sure i am going to get judged and damned for this. I did.

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09 Mar 2015

Would payments stop in these circumstances?

A question about : Would payments stop in these circumstances?

This is purely out of curiosity after I was asked by a family member and I had no answer.

If your DSC is over 18 but still study 2 full days a week and also working 3 earning are you still required to pay CSA?

Also if said child quits college for an apprenticeship which pays full time wage but requires a day at college so still studying is CSA payable?