09 Mar 2015

Child support form Scotland

A question about : Child support form Scotland

Can anyone help with this please?

My ex is about to start CSA proceedings with me in respect of our son. Having looked at the forms online there are various questions on income. I am paid in a certain way taking both a taxed income and dividend due to shareholding on a monthly basis. The dividend is not guaranteed income every month i.e. it depends on how well (or not) the business is doing so do I have to declare it on the form and what is the best way to do this?

Any help appreciated here.


26 Feb 2015

doing right by your kid????

A question about : doing right by your kid????


26 Feb 2015

Child Tax Credit

A question about : Child Tax Credit

I'd be really grateful for some advice.....

My husband has been signed off sick for nearly 3 years (stress & depression) & following a recently requested reassessment because he has zero income, they have now decided that they deem ALL our weekly child tax credits as his income.

26 Feb 2015

CSA1 Case closed for 5yrs but now REOPENED!

A question about : CSA1 Case closed for 5yrs but now REOPENED!

I am in total shock, please help...and I ask can the CSA reopen my old case?

I had an incling that the PWC was going to open a case with the CSA before the child was born.

Knowing this I sold my house and purchased a different one with my longterm partner, to give me high housing costs before the child was born and the mother could open a case against me.

The CSA made contact as I expected and an assessment was made!

I will admit I did not want to pay the amount stated but had to.