26 Feb 2015

Fruadulent claim!!!

A question about : Fruadulent claim!!!

Hi, I need your advice I am on CSA 1 and I have just had a phone call off CSA as a new claim has been put in so I am now being phased onto CS2. The thing is the new claim that has been put in is by the NRP partner who he is STILL with and still LIVES with is there anything I can do?

26 Feb 2015

New (man) to Claiming from the CSA

A question about : New (man) to Claiming from the CSA

Hi Everyone

My first post here, and hopefully you will all be as helpful as ever!

I have just started the process of claiming from my childrens' mother through the CSA. Already I am having problems, firstly because I am a man, it seems and secondly, because they claim to have lost my application.

So, my first question is : How bad is it really? ... and is there any hope for me at all?

26 Feb 2015

Will I get my money?

A question about : Will I get my money?

My son's father pays me maintenance for him monthly via the CSA. He pays a higher rate as it took them 10 + years to catch up with him and when they did he was offered the higher rate for the duration of maintenance or account for and pay the arrears from the previous years. This month my payment came through at a third of normal. Right before xmas too!

26 Feb 2015

Ex missus wants to claim CSA off me

A question about : Ex missus wants to claim CSA off me

I'm really ticked off, had an answerphone message left on my phone last night from my ex girlfriends mother..

My ex girlfriend is 15 going on 16, and pregnant, and has slept with 9 guys since we split up..and shes pregnant, and trying to claim CSA off me.

I've looked at my earning and its Ј1.600 a year on my income.. i cant afford to live off that.