09 Mar 2015

tax credit under payment

A question about : tax credit under payment

09 Mar 2015

Bankrupt today

A question about : Bankrupt today

So i was made bankrupt today, not really feeling any relief just yet!! Suppose i will after the or call.
Now home watching deal or no deal couples on demand which we got through to final round for but didnt make the show title=Frown thinking we if did might not be in bankruptcy today, big what if!! Reconise 5 couples on it though one was in our group so hope they all do well, slightly jealous though i must admit!! Haha

09 Mar 2015

bankruptcy and my old house

A question about : bankruptcy and my old house

I am in the process of going bancrupt
my question is : I had my house repossessed in march 2013 and the bank hasn't sold it yet, what happens to the house now. we bought the house for 183,500 the outstanding on the mortgage was 162,000 and the house is now worth 235,000 am i still entitled to any equity on the house

09 Mar 2015


A question about : Update

so just to update my mum bought caravan back for us title=Jumping another slight dilema though! ....... Insurance on it, we pay this monthy through and its paid through premium credit its due for renewal in june just looked and it states this