09 Mar 2015

PPI Claims after bankruptcy

A question about : PPI Claims after bankruptcy

Ok then PPI, (that is payment protection insurance) and bankruptcy, or more specifically reclaiming PPI and bankruptcy. Please note this is not about if you are eligible (in terms of if you have been miss-sold) as that is not my area and there is plenty of advice on that elsewhere, probably elsewhere on this site in fact. So for the purpose of this lets just assume that you have been miss-sold and that there is a potential to make a claim against a bank.

26 Feb 2015

BR how confused?

A question about : BR how confused?

Hello help needed, partner and I both have debts which are from before we got together. We would both like to go BR to start afresh, should we do one at a time or both at the same time and does overtime money earned count as income or not? Also does anybody know if weekly living expenses are divided down the middle, I have two children from a previous marriage living with us. Any help would be much appreciatedtitle=Jumping

26 Feb 2015

Help and advice for income and expenses please

A question about : Help and advice for income and expenses please

Only I will be declaring myself bankrupt, not my husband - see my previous thread.

In March he opened his own bank account so I would be unable to have access to the household income. This was a good thing considering the problems I had created, and he didn't do it in a malicious way.

My personal income is only 450 per month. Will they want to know my husbands income and how he spends it?

26 Feb 2015

The Bankrupt Inn (part 4) New and Improved

A question about : The Bankrupt Inn (part 4) New and Improved

We've spoke about the upgrade so I thought I'd lend a hand with the progress of it.......

Welcome all to the (new & improved) bankrupt inn.

Here's the tour, to your left please see the jukebox (just for you nervousmother)


Also now doing pub lunches title=Thanks,


Along with the classic bacon rolls