26 Feb 2015

The Bankruptcy Club & Supporters Club

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I would like to start this thread to give support to the people who have/are/want/need/wish.... to be Bankrupt.

I have a long history with debt, My fall down was being nieve in business dealings and I fell foul.

Bankrupt people can be in peoples view thought of as second class, failures, wannabe's and poor people. We are not.

We have tried and tried and cried sweat to get ourselves out of difficult, upsetting and hurtful times.

26 Feb 2015

Notice to newcomers re trolls.

A question about : Notice to newcomers re trolls.

Hi Everyone,

Not sure if we have this thread over here on BR board but DFW bump this often so that newcomers new & old are aware of the possibility of `troll` issues.

They `bump` it along regularly to keep it in peoples minds. Perhaps it would work over here?

Pania`s words are so brilliant I could`nt better them myself so I copied as below.


Notice to newcomers re trolls.
Hi everybody.

26 Feb 2015

Bank Accounts & Bankruptcy

A question about : Bank Accounts & Bankruptcy

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For full info on basic bank accounts and how they relate to bankruptcy, see the main website's basic bank account guide.

Back to the original post...


Some of this text was originally posted on the DebtQuestions forum by Tim/TalbotWoods. Many thanks for the time and effort to put it all together.

VERY VERY Important:

26 Feb 2015

Welcome to the Bankruptcy Board

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Hi and Welcome to the Bankruptcy (BR) Board.

Hello and Welcome, Many of the posters on here have been through bankruptcy. They will be able to help, advise and also offer you support. We do have posters who have/do work for the OR and Debt charities too.

Written by Fermi our board guide:-