09 Mar 2015

Discharged for 10 years

A question about : Discharged for 10 years

I’d like some advice please.

My partner and I are looking to move away and rent a house.

I’m more than aware that Bankruptcy can affect the chances of getting a Landlord to take us on.

I went Bankrupt in 2004 and was discharged in 2005. It is no longer on my Credit File as I have checked.

09 Mar 2015

Ask a StepChange (formerly CCCS) counsellor a bankruptcy question

A question about : Ask a StepChange (formerly CCCS) counsellor a bankruptcy question

StepChange Debt Charity (formerly CCCS) has several counsellors answering questions in our forum.

There are three ways to contact them:

1 - To ask them a question please post it below and James, Mat or Rachel will post a reply here.

2 - If you would prefer to ask a question in private you can send a private message to StepChange Private Messages and one of the counsellors will get back to you.

09 Mar 2015

Negligent builder gone bust!

A question about : Negligent builder gone bust!

Let me explain my scenario. I am looking at bankruptcy from the other side...

About 4 years ago, I had an extension built to my house by a builder who operated as a sole trader. Subsequent to the completion of the build, I started to have issues with water ingress which he fixed. Further down the line I had the same issue and as I couldn't get hold of the original builder, I got another roofer to take a look.

09 Mar 2015

Bankruptcy Credit Reference File Clean Up

A question about : Bankruptcy Credit Reference File Clean Up

If you wish to discuss the Clean up of your Credit Reference Files and don't wish to start your own thread, then please use this thread.

Thanks. title=Smile