09 Mar 2015

Unforeseen expenses when BR

A question about : Unforeseen expenses when BR

Hello, I have one year left of my IPA, since it started my car needed repairing, I spent over Ј600 and the mechanics couldn't get to the bottom of the issue so I swapped my car for an older one that worked. A year later my 'new' car needs expensive repairs and I've been advised to scrap it. I am now buying a car tomorrow for Ј1400 (I need a reliable car for work and do lots of miles).

09 Mar 2015

IPA finishes this year....

A question about : IPA finishes this year....

do I get any letter or notification confirming it has come to an end? I am currently on NIL payments....

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09 Mar 2015

Credit Reference File Clean Up Post Bankruptcy

A question about : Credit Reference File Clean Up Post Bankruptcy

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09 Mar 2015

nt IPA questions

A question about : nt IPA questions

Hi all,

I am due to be discharged in may and have an nt IPA. Am I right in thinking that this only runs until the end of the financial year?
Therefore my last payment will be April 1st?

Will it needs to provide proof that the tax is being taken, i.each wage slip, or do I just cancel the standing order for Clarke Wilmot?