26 Feb 2015

Clearance Stores/Outlets in Glasgow

A question about : Clearance Stores/Outlets in Glasgow


We're planning on spending some money on updating bits and pieces in our house this year. Was wondering if peeps out there new of any clearance/outlet stores for furniture and the likes around the Glasgow area?

4 years ago there was a Reid furniture outlet in Tradeston as we got our suite from there. Don't think it is there now so wonder if anyone new if there was one somewhere?

26 Feb 2015

Cash & Carry Stores in Glasgow

A question about : Cash & Carry Stores in Glasgow

HI there,
I have had a few people tell me that there are a number of Cash and Carry stores in Glasgow and open to the public. I wondered if anyone had any experience of these and how they would rate them for cost/value for money?

Please post details of where they are too please. Then we can all take advantage of them.


26 Feb 2015

Mid-term invasion of Edinburgh

A question about : Mid-term invasion of Edinburgh

We are really looking forward to the upcoming visit of Pink-Winged and her family in just over a week's time and have plans made to do a jumpy-oot Ghost Tour with the kids and a girlie visit to Ikea title=Wink

I think Pink also plans to visit Edinburgh Castle and the (by now) traditional open topped bus tour of the city.

Anyone else from MSE visiting Edinburgh in the next wee while that would like to say hello on this thread?

26 Feb 2015

moving to fife ??

A question about : moving to fife ??

my hubby, me, and 8mth old ds are moving to fife from Yorkshire and will be looking for properties next thurs and friday.

Any advice on areas to avoid, or that are up and coming (esp for those with a baby/small child would be gratefully received !!