26 Feb 2015

Edinburgh city centre parking

A question about : Edinburgh city centre parking

Can someone please recommend where to park in Edinburgh for free or at least cheap?!

Preferably as close to the city centre as possible, but happy to walk if necessary.


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26 Feb 2015

Glasgow companies to replace/renovate windows

A question about : Glasgow companies to replace/renovate windows

I have an old Glasgow tenement flat with drafty, rattly old sash windows. I am looking to either renovate or replace them this summer - but I'm looking to avoid the dreaded double glazing salesmen!

Can anyone recommend any reliable firms in the Glasgow area that do good quality, reasonably priced window renovations and/or replacement double glazing?

Thanks for your help.

26 Feb 2015

Asian/Indian Supermarkets in Edinburgh/Lothian/Borders (lol)

A question about : Asian/Indian Supermarkets in Edinburgh/Lothian/Borders (lol)

As a recent blow-in to southern Scotland (I previously lived in Northumberland) I'm looking for an Asian supermarket in Edinburgh or the Lothians (ideally in the Borders - but I'm a realist).... I'm familiar with the best of them around Newcastle, but not Edinburgh....

Anyone got any they'd like to share ? (They're next to impossible to spot in the yellow pages etc).

26 Feb 2015

Santa Train Clyde Valley Lanarkshire

A question about : Santa Train Clyde Valley Lanarkshire

Heard about this, but cannot find it on a google search.

Anyone know about a short train journey that ends with a Soft Play are and Santa Grotto.

Along Clyde Valley Lanarkshire, but NOT Sandyholme Garden centre as I just phoned them - they have no train.