26 Feb 2015

Blair Drummond Safari Park free child ticket

A question about : Blair Drummond Safari Park free child ticket

Blair Drummond Safari Park are doing their free child ticket again. The website is www.blairdrummond.com and the offer is on the right hand side near the bottom.

You need to put your details in and print off a voucher which gives one free child ticket per car, saving Ј7!

They also seem to be doing season tickets but it doesn't say how much they are.

26 Feb 2015

scratch and dent washing machine

A question about : scratch and dent washing machine

I am looking for a new automatic washing machine in the glasgow area. does anyone know of any good scratch and dent outlets or any other cheap outlets?

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26 Feb 2015

Nice towns and villages around Glasgow

A question about : Nice towns and villages around Glasgow

Hi hi,

looking to buy a house in 2009 around Glasgow (anywhere around it) and I'm looking for suggestions for nice places. Criteria is basically

- 1 hour max by train to Glasgow (I work from home but may need to commute in the future, don't want to drive every day)
- clean and safe
- good school(s)
- not inner cityish

26 Feb 2015

Edinburgh-Glasgow trains off-peak times?

A question about : Edinburgh-Glasgow trains off-peak times?

My husband and I need to get to the Beatson Oncology Centre (off of Great Western Road in between Glasgow Uni and Strathclyde Uni) from Edinburgh. He doesn't want to drive (fair enough!) so we're getting a train. Our appointment is at 14.45 and he thinks that we'll be able to squeeze back to Edinburgh on an off-peak train but I don't think we'll make it.

Any thoughts?