26 Feb 2015

Cost of chimney Sweep

A question about : Cost of chimney Sweep


I am currently refurbishing my lounge and have removed the fireplace (and attached back boiler). Plasterers are currently at work tidying up.

I understand I need to have my chimney swept and the tubing removed . The fireplace company told us this and I got a quote from their recommended company and it is Ј250+VAT for 2hrs work. Is this right?

I have heard quotes of Ј40-Ј50

Please help here

26 Feb 2015

Tarmac Driveway??

A question about : Tarmac Driveway??

Hi All,

Hope someone can help me!

My mother-in-law is looking to re-tarmac her drive. It's roughly 10m long and thin / standard width (you can reverse a car down but carefully!). She's had a quote today but is worried as she has no idea whether it will be likely to cost 500 or 5000 pounds.

Could anybody give me any guidance or a ball-park figure? She's in rural North Wales so not too many people she can get in for comparative quotes, but I wouldn't want to see her stung!

Thanks for any help!


26 Feb 2015

plastering cost for one wall

A question about : plastering cost for one wall

I need one wall five metres long plastered. I took off wallpaper and it took the plaster with it plus fireplace and shelves were taken out leaving bare bricks and mess.

Plasterer has quoted Ј200 but that seemed dear as I had researched on here and had a mind it should be nearer Ј100. I wondered if the extra cost is justifiable for the bare bricks and the fact some needs skimmed and other bits need more plaster ie on brick bits?

26 Feb 2015

Complete Electric Rewiring 3 bedroom house

A question about : Complete Electric Rewiring 3 bedroom house

Hi Guys,

I'm in the process of getting some major building work done for my house and I have found out that my electrics are old. I'm in the process of getting some quotes to find out how much it will cost but would like to also find out here how much it will cost. Currently the house is pretty much gutted and all plastering will be done after the electrical work. All floorboards are currently exposed as well so running cables should be much easier I would imagine.