26 Feb 2015

Kitchen quotes seem high

A question about : Kitchen quotes seem high


We're having a lot of fun trying to get a new kitchen. I confess we don't know much about this sort of stuff... we are happy to pay a reasonable amount for it (so long as we can afford it), but it feels like we're being quoted very high amounts right now.

26 Feb 2015

Microbore or 15mm pipes & which boiler? *Now with added queries!*

A question about : Microbore or 15mm pipes & which boiler? *Now with added queries!*

We have had a quote for a 'normal' boiler and a Worcester boiler with a difference of about Ј200. Both boilers come with a 5 year guarantee from the plumber himself (parts+maintenance).

What the heck should I be looking for in a boiler? Which model is best? All I know is I need a combi boiler!

Any help gratefully received title=You

26 Feb 2015

Boiler replacement quote

A question about : Boiler replacement quote

Hi everyone,

We're looking to replace our boiler, and have received 2 quotes that are so different, we're having a hard time picking one. Was hoping someone more informed than me would be able to give some pros/cons to these alternatives.

For some background: current boiler is a system boiler serving rads and a hot water cylinder (megaflo), with a 2-channel timer and a room thermostat to set 2 control valves that select hot water or heating.

26 Feb 2015

POWERFLUSHING central heating system

A question about : POWERFLUSHING central heating system

number of radiators 8 any idea of cost involved? boiler only 3years old but system wasnt flushed when new boiler fitted according to bosch guy.

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