09 Mar 2015

It's a big-ish kitchen but no wall space so no units!

A question about : It's a big-ish kitchen but no wall space so no units!

Hi all

After several quotes coming out at more than Ј12k for essentially just carcasses&doors (no worktops, no sink, no appliances, no fitting and no vat) I'm starting to think that I am after something rather unusual or excessive. Wickes recently surprised me (compared to the others, not compared to what I was expecting to pay for a kitchen!) with a price of Ј13k all in (with appliances), fitted

Here is the list of units:

09 Mar 2015

Double glazing cost

A question about : Double glazing cost

Anglian lady came to give quote on windows, stayed for 3.5 hours and did the usual price only for today routine. Can anyone tell me if this is a reasonable price?
3 bay windows with 5 panels each and one small window was priced at Ј6600 - we said no way, offered at Ј4850. We live in London area. Do you reckon we get this for less with reputable company?

09 Mar 2015

Quotes for new combi boiler

A question about : Quotes for new combi boiler

Hi, any advice on the following quotes for a new combi boiler (getting this under green deal - Ј700 cashback for the boiler + heating controls title=Smile). Also need one P+ 1100x500 radi replaced.

All are inclusive of VAT. Boiler is to replace a fairly knackered, 12-ish year-old combi, 24kW Ferroli Modena 80E. Heats 6 radiators and a mixer shower in a med-sized, fairly cold, 2-bed flat.

- First, quotes from the npower regional contractor including npower's Ј450 'discount':

09 Mar 2015

Combi boiler quotes

A question about : Combi boiler quotes

Hi all

We have just received a few quotes for a new combi boiler. Can you please advise which model would be best and whether the quotes seem reasonable?

1. Ariston E Combi Evo 30 + 2 years parts and labour warranty - Ј1.5k
2. Ariston Clas Evo 30 + 10 year parts and labour warranty - Ј2k
3. Glow worm 30c + 5 years warranty - Ј1.8k
4. Vaillant 831 + 7 year warranty - Ј2.3k

I'm in Scotland.