25 Feb 2015

Default finally gone, now what?

A question about : Default finally gone, now what?

Hi all - new to the forum, occasional reader and finally signed up.

So, my first question is...

A default, the only default, dropped off my credit report on 16/02/15. I'm interested as to how it now works with my rating/score in general. I'm not expecting to go from zero to hero, but am I instantly more likely to be accepted for basic things I was rejected for in the past? Switching current accounts, phone contracts etc. etc.

Thanks in advance.

25 Feb 2015

vodafone default help!!

A question about : vodafone default help!!

Hi guys

I'm in a bit of a pickle and could use some advice.

back in 2008 I took out a phone contract with vodafone, I cancelled it in dec 2010 and took out a new contract with another provider however continued recieving bills from voafone, after several phoncalls it was established that they had failed to cancel the account correctly but agreed to waive the bills as the error had been on their part. The matter was resolved or so I thought!!

25 Feb 2015

Credit Rating: How it works and How to improve it discussion area

A question about : Credit Rating: How it works and How to improve it discussion area

If I have credit cards or store cards which I don't use, can future lenders find out about them if I don't declare them?

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