26 Feb 2015

Help please

A question about : Help please

Hi there,
I am making xmas presents and I need superchunky wool but I don't have any or the cash to buy some title=Frown
I was wondering if I could mix yarn weights from two or more balls of wool to achieve a superchunky wool?
Can anyone advise me please title=Smile x x

26 Feb 2015

How to make flowers/bows from silk material?

A question about : How to make flowers/bows from silk material?

Hi, I've brought lots of silk (well fake silk) with the plan to make fabric bows and flowers to decorate Christmas presents with, only it don't know how! I thought YouTube would be a big help but it just finds silk ribbon flowers and bows.

I don't have a sewing machine so I can't hem things. Has anyone made flowers, bows or any kind of decoration from silky material?


26 Feb 2015

Ideas please

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Not sure if this is in the right place but as sort of crafty,here goes.

School my grandsons attend is having a Christmas fayre in November. They will be having a room where the children can buy a present for mum/dad and it will only cost Ј1.

Can you give me any ideas of things which could be made for this please, nothing expensive obviously.

The PTA suggested going to pound shops and picking up things which are 2 for Ј1, but I would like some more unusual things.

Any ideas gratefully received.

25 Feb 2015

The Sewing Room

A question about : The Sewing Room

Hello alltitle=Hello
As suggested by Trow on the crafting for christmas 2010 thread I am starting a new sewing thread (no pun intendedtitle=Wink) I thought this would be a good place for us to post our sewing projects, offer guidence or advice and generally chat about anything to do with sewing. Anybody want to join me in here? Everyone is welcome title=Big