09 Mar 2015

What do you do with your child benefit?

A question about : What do you do with your child benefit?

Just curious as sorting finances out - do you pay it into a separate account? A savings account? Or just into the household pot?

Ours currently go into the pot but I'm thinking about paying it into a separate account so I can keep a bit more of an eye on it.

What works for you please?

09 Mar 2015

Online Dating Tips

A question about : Online Dating Tips


Hi all,

We've written a new guide to Online Dating and we'd love your feedback - are there any sites you'd recommend, or any other tips you'd like to pass on? Have you got any success stories, or dating horror stories - or any funny online dating anecdotes you can share? If so, just click 'reply' to post,


MSE Rose

09 Mar 2015

Did you have savings when you had a baby?

A question about : Did you have savings when you had a baby?


I was just wondering whether you had savings at the time your baby was born...and how much you budgeted? Obviously, each family is different, but just in general...

Me and hubby only have around Ј400 spare each month after outgoings, and that's with both of our salaries..
We don't have any savings as we have just bought a house.

09 Mar 2015

MSE Pregnancy Club 28

A question about : MSE Pregnancy Club 28

MSE Pregnancy Club 28

Official MoneySavingExpert.com Insert:

What's it about?

Back in July 2006 Bailey started this thread to help all pregnant MoneySavers and their partners save on anything pregnancy-related plus give each other moral support. It's been hugely popular and now has a long list of pregnant mothers-to-be.