09 Mar 2015

HB while working?

A question about : HB while working?

I am a regular on MSE forums but for the sake of personal info I've gone anon for this. Sorry.
My husband earns 15000 pa to support myself and two children. I was self employed, but no longer giving that up to be home with the children. I am a part time student and looking to return to work in the new year - again self employed.
I haven't made enough contributions for income support/jsa or what ever it is now.
We get Working and C Tax Credits of approx 110 pw.

09 Mar 2015

Housing Benefit

A question about : Housing Benefit

Hi all,

I'm hoping you can help clear something up for me - I've just handed in a claim for housing benefit, and in anticipation of it taking longer than expected, I have been looking up payment on account and interim payments of the benefit just in case.

09 Mar 2015

Shared Ownership/Housing Benefit

A question about : Shared Ownership/Housing Benefit


Just wondering if anyones knows about shared ownership and housing benefit.

I know that housing benefit is only to help with rent, and therefore can receive housing benefit.

But do they still take into the consideration your mortgage payment to calculate your housing benefit? And as long as it is only the amount of the rent or less then you are entitled to it?

Or do they not even take this into consideration in their calculations?

Thanks in advance.


09 Mar 2015

Help with housing benefit

A question about : Help with housing benefit

This thread is for people wanting to start getting help with housing benefit. You may be able to get housing benefit if you're on other benefits, work part-time or work full-time on a low income.

Our advisers from Wyre Forest CAB Services are here to help you with your individual questions. Post your queries to this thread and a CAB representative will aim to answer your question within 2 working days.