26 Feb 2015

housing benefit tribunal

A question about : housing benefit tribunal

Bit of background. I purchased a second property in 2010 and refurbished it with aim of selling it for higher price. I did all the work with help of tradesmen. My boyfriend fitted kitchen and bathroom for me. I told him I would pay him for the work out of proceeds of house sale. When house was finished I got valuation. Estate agent told me it might take long time to sell. I decided to rent it out commercially to cover mortgage payments.

26 Feb 2015

Housing benefit can I claim??? Ex partners tenancy we shared with our children

A question about : Housing benefit can I claim??? Ex partners tenancy we shared with our children

Relationship has broken down our council house is in my ex name though the council have him the tenancy because we are a family (exchange from his 1bed council flat) can I claim housing benefit council tax benefit tho my name is not on tenancy??
I'm concerned I could be evicted or moved!

26 Feb 2015

Challenging Council Rent!

A question about : Challenging Council Rent!


Desperately looking for help on behalf of a friend.

They are a council tenant, in receipt of benefits (not sure which ones other than child benefit).

Is there any way that she can challenge the council on the rent they set for the property. She has a 3 bedroom house (bedrooms all upsairs).

She has just been told that from April she will have to pay 14% of her rent for a 'seperate' dining room which the council claim is a potential 4th bedroom.

26 Feb 2015


A question about : charleyd

I am a 69 yrs old female, retired. I receive roughly 50% of the state pension, the rest made up by Pension Credit. I also receive Housing Benefit.

I have been offered a part-time job for 6 hours a week at Ј6.20 per hour and understand that my Pension Credit would be reduced by the same amount. This is fine as I would rather be working.