26 Feb 2015

HB help

A question about : HB help

Please could I have some advice for the below.

I am currently living with ex partner but need to move out and find another property for myself and my child (under 3 yrs old) I am told I can claim housing benefit for my new property, is this right? Also, I think I would be entitled to tax credits etc, do I have to wait until I move out until I can claim as a single parent or can I claim whilst still under the same roof?

I work full time and earn just under Ј20,000 a year, I also pay Ј600 a month child care costs.

many thanks

26 Feb 2015


A question about : benefits

I have been claiming student discount against my council tax with no problems. My eldest son has now finished university and has returned home to live but has been unable to find a job so is claiming Job Seekers Allowance, I am claiming Income Support. I still have two children in University. The council are now telling me I am no longer eligible for any reduction on my council tax bill and will have to pay the full amount. How am I meant to afford to do this when there are no wages coming into the property.

26 Feb 2015

Housing benefit

A question about : Housing benefit

Hi there! I'm looking for some help on applying for housing benefit please!

26 Feb 2015

Housing Benefit for Mobile Homes

A question about : Housing Benefit for Mobile Homes